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color: Green, I guess
food: Pasta
animal: Owl
restaurant: I don't have one
(best) friend: I honestly don't know now O_O
type of shoe: Boots or something
style of clothing: Casual
type of jewelry: Celtic-ish
scent: Patchouli
taste: Fresh fruit
memory: Anything fun with my mum
class (at school): English and History
day of the week: Saturday
time of day: After 8PM
month: Don't have one
holiday: Samhain
season: Autumn
thing to do when happy: Singing
thing to do when sad: Reading
thing to do when angry: Listening to music
thing to do with friends: Just chill, duuuude 8D
Bible verse or quote: Quote
CD: Pffft... Omnia - Pagan Folk I guess
song: Depends
male singer: Steve Sic, Kamijo
female singer: Anneke van Giersbergen
actor: Johnny Depp 8D
actress: Cate Blanchett/Carice van Houten
TV channel: VH1 Classics, Discovery Channel
TV show: Can't think of any right now...
movie: Lord of the Rings ftw
type of weather: Misty, or sunny autumn day
website: LJ,
book: Currently; Floortje Zwigtman's Tegenspel
manga/anime: Godchild/Kuroshitsuji
drink: Water, tea or coffee
hairstyle: Whatever looks good on someone
teacher: My teachers English, German and Biology
church activity: I don't go to church
school activity: Lunch time 8D
type of homework: .... glares
gift: Self-made things made with love
compliment: About my writing or personality
insect: Moth
dream: My monthly dream in which I'm dancing the whole night xD
flower: Rose, lavendar
letter: Dunno
number: 8
shape: Circle
writing topic: Don't know
type of music: Pagan (folk/metal), symphonic metal, industrial, classical
type of books: Fantasy books or historical
type of movies: Fantasy or horror
breed of cat: Sphynx cat
breed of dog: Irish wolfhound or anything wolf-looking
nighttime activity (before going to sleep): Sitting in the livingroom with all the lights off
morning activity (to wake you up): ...Continue sleeping...
design (striped, plaid...): I don't care...
TV character: Blackadder's Queenie xD
piece of technology: MP3/4 thingies
eye color (normal): Don't care
hair color (normal): Don't care
gemstone: Onyx, moon stone
cookie: Clocolate chip O_O
candy: ...Chocolate xD
dessert: CHOCOLATE _
meat: ...Meat xD No srsly, as long as it's meaty
fruit: Strawberries and cherries
veggie: Don't really have one
dairy product: Milk
bread product: Bread pudding O_O
car: Old-skool mustang ftw
outfit: Dunno
store: Anything music/book related
water animal: Dunno
inside joke: A sparkling plane xD Don't ask
guy friend (closest): Joris or Ruud
body type: Curvy
type of phone: My candy red Sony Ericsson
type of camera: As long as it takes pictures...
type of music listening device: As long as it plays music...
wish: Hehe, you wish 8D
childhood toy: My teddybear
video game: Final Fantasy X (it's fun to curse at Seymour)
sport: (tabble) Tennis, volleyball
shoe brand: Creepers
clothing brand: Don't have one
eye color (unnatural): Unrealistic blue
hair color (unnatural): White or flaming red
pillow shape: ...Whut?
type of pj's (nightgown, etc.): Big shirt and underwear
ice cream: Banana
country (can't be your own country though): The UK, Ireland and Finland
cake: Brownies 8D
pie: Don't know
thing to do alone: Anything
thought: Won't share them
person to be with: My mum, she's awesome
way of receiving mail (email, text, etc.): Email
type of chocolate: ANYTHING O_O
number over 100: 123
form of entertainment (TV, internet, musical...): Concerts/festivals
artist/band/group: That list would be too long
Beanie baby: Whut?
body part (on yourself): My eyes
body part (in general): Eyes, neck
body part (on guys): that would be on girls, and then it would be hips 83
emotion: Calmness
planet: Saturn
pet: Cats
parent (closest): My mum
sibling (closest): Don't have one
vacation spot: London
cave: ...Whut again?
coffee-like drink: ...Coffee?
gum: Minty
mint: Gummy
magazine: Don't have one
pokemon game: ...What's the different?
kingdom hearts game: FF pwns Sora's sorry ass
email website: hotmail
blog website: LJ
sad song: Pink Floyd - High Hopes
Christmas/holiday song: I cough dislike Christmas
person to shop with: I don't have people to shop with
type of money (dollar, check, change...): Euro
lava lamp color: Red
lotion scent: Naturalish
future vacation spot: Would love to go back to London
thing in your room: My bed
lesson learned: Take better care of myself
soda: Cherry Coke
cafeteria food: French fries
picture on computer: Anything forest-ish
diary entry: All of my fics
word: Fuck
daydream: Too long to discribe
handwriting (of a friend): Kiki's 8D
type of school project: None
writing utensil (pen, pencil...): Pen
coloring utensil (crayon, etc.): Coloured pencils
makeup product: Mascara
hair product: None
time to think: Anytime is thinking time
daring thing to do: Openly homosexual affection
type of light (sunlight, lightbulbs...): Candlelight
beach activity: I hate the beach...
mountain activity: Just sitting and enjoy nature
snow activity: Sitting inside and watch it 8D
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