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Mobile app development is one of the fastest growing and desired skillsets today. As technology shifts from the web to mobile – there is a growing demand for mobile app developers.

But getting started in iOS development isn’t always easy.

Of course, there are many free tutorials online but most only give you a small piece of what you actually need to know to develop an app. Another option is to go to a professional training program that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

However, if you’re looking for straight forward introductory training on how to become an iOS app developer – this is the course for you.

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • Introduction to Swift, Xcode and Creating a New Project
  • Playgrounds, Properties, Functions, Optionals and The Console
  • ViewControllers, UITableView, Parsing JSON, and much more!
  • See ‘Curriculum’ for full details of the course.

Our Promise to You
By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge of iOS development and have created your first three mobile apps.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Get started today and develop the skill of iOS development!

Course Curriculum

Course Sections

App 1 - Hello World

Lesson 1 – Intro to Course, Swift, Xcode and Creating a New Project

Lesson 2 – Playgrounds, Properties, Functions, Optionals, and The Console

Lesson 3 – ViewControllers, ViewDidLoad, UILabel, and AutoLayout

Lesson 4 – UITextFieldDelagate, IBOutlet, IBAction, and the Apple Documentation

App 2 - To Do List

Lesson 5 – UITableView, Prototype Cells, Dynamic vs Static TableView’s

Lesson 6 – UITableViewDataSource, Cell Identifier, NSIndexPath, Navigation Controller

Lesson 7 – Custom Classes, MVC, Custom Initializers, Arrays

Lesson 8 – UIAlertController, Nil, Presenting A View Controller

Lesson 9 – Using our Custom Initializer, Appending To An Array, Reload Data in UITableView

App 3 - Twitter Clone

Lesson 10 – Create New Project, Create Tweet Class, setup UITableView

Lesson 11 – Network Controller, Accounts Framework, Social Framework, Completion Handler/Callback

Lesson 12 – Twitter API Documentation, REST API’s, NSURL

Lesson 13 – SLRequest, URL Status Codes, Switch Statements

Lesson 14 – NSOperationsQueue, MainQueue, MultiThreading, JSON Serialization, For Loops

Lesson 15 – NSDictionary, Parsing JSON, Optional Chaining, recap FetchUserTimeline

Lesson 16 – Error Checking, Call FetchUserTimeline, Subclassing, Comments in Swift, Storyboard ID

Lesson 17 – NavigationBar Title, UITableView Delegate, Segue between View Controllers

Lesson 18 – Create another Fetch, pass data between View Controllers

Lesson 19 – Subclassing UITableViewCell’s, UIImageView, AutoLayout(Cont.), and Course Wrap Up


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About The Instructor


I am an iOS Developer with experience in Swift and Objective-C. I currently have 2 apps available in the AppStore. I have experience working with CoreData, CloudKit, AVFoundation, EventKit, the Social and Accounts frameworks, and many REST API's including Twitter, Tumblr, SoundCloud, StackOverflow, GitHub and. I graduated and received my iOS Development Certificate from Code Fellows in Seattle, WA.

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