1544 · 61 comments

Rift-To-Go causes a game-breaking bug when used in this location

22.5k · 594 comments

A lot has changed since season 2 but I think we can all agree that this is still the worst house on the map

3691 · 110 comments

Infiηity Bladẹ | Default Diaries #027

2184 · 589 comments

This is not the game I fell in love with over a year ago. Please Epic something needs to change here

536 · 14 comments

I think having the throw emote things appear next to your name when you use them would make them a lot more useful.

8780 · 632 comments

If you're not going to vault it, I'll do it myself, saved 70 players from having a "Blast" Playing Fortnite [better edit suggested by u/m3rkusS ]

2550 · 214 comments

Seems about right...

1937 · 45 comments

The moment I truly became a monster

3109 · 192 comments

Why not reward Founders with a matching wrap for their guns? (Sorry about my Photoshop skills)

8677 · 264 comments

This clip is 11 months old today. No jump pads. No re-deploy. Just pure risk and a little bit of luck.

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